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read bible onlineThe Bible is the most important book ever written, and it has been, and will continue to be, a life-changing beacon of light for all who read it.

Thankfully, you didn’t need me to tell you that because almost everyone knows about the Bible. But have you ever read it?

“Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.” (John 5:39)

If you have always wanted to learn the Bible but couldn’t find the time, or if you want to study the Word of God and tried doing it differently, but without results — Online Bible is here for you.

Our job is to help you get closer to God.

We are not affiliated with any organization or church. Our religion is God’s Word itself.

In the Online Bible, we believe that reading the Bible should be a pleasure and not hard work. Our goal is to make learning the Word of God easy and accessible to everyone.

The bible is a unique book in the world. It’s so unique that it’s not even like any other book. Some books have hidden messages and enlightening details in them. But only the Bible has so many prophecies about the Lord and his chosen people, stories about miracles and sinners, and God’s true intentions for humankind.

Can you read the Bible for free?

Yes! You can read the Bible for free online, on your phone or tablet, and even offline. There are many ways to read and study the Bible, so you’ll have a lot of flexibility when it comes to finding what works best for you.

The Bible is a book of wisdom, and it’s available for free to everyone.

The good news is that there are many sources where you can obtain a copy of the Bible (for free) online.

The advantages of online Bible reading

Reading the Bible online has many benefits over other methods of reading and studying. Some of these include:

You can use it whenever and wherever you want. There’s no need to find a Bible that’s going to be available in every location because you have access to one at all times. This makes it easy for people who travel frequently, or who work odd hours or whose schedules vary daily.

You can read with others, even if they’re not physically present with you right now.

Online Bible

How to properly read the Bible online?

Set aside a time and place that is quiet and free from distraction. Make sure you have enough time to read the passage thoroughly, without interruption. If possible, don’t read while driving or in other situations where it’s not safe to concentrate on what you’re reading.

Prepare your heart by praying to the Holy Spirit for guidance as you read. Ask God to help you understand what he has written and why he has written it this way, given the circumstances at the time of writing.

Read slowly and carefully, asking God’s Spirit to reveal its meaning to you as you go along. As with any book worth reading, a Bible verse contains many layers of meaning:

  • Literal (what happened),
  • allegorical (what could happen in our lives),
  • moral and ethical (how we should respond),
  • historical/cultural (why something was said).

These layers should all be considered when trying to understand what a verse means!

Difference Between Old and New Testaments

The Bible is divided into two parts: the Old Testament, and the New Testament.

  • The Old Testament is a collection of books that describe God’s dealing with the Jews before Jesus was born.
  • The New Testament describes what happened after Jesus came on earth to save us from our sins.

These writings were written over many centuries by different people, but all were inspired by God and taught about Him – His plan for mankind:

  • How we can go to heaven when we die if we ask Him for forgiveness;
  • how He will judge us when we die;
  • who He gave Himself up to save us from sin so that one day we can live forever with Him!

The Old Testament The New Testament
A man is considered a fallen sinner,
separated from God.
A person who believes in Christ becomes pleasing to God by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
The coming of the Redeemer is prophesied, and He
will save people from eternal punishment.
Christ comes to this world and brings salvation to people.
The focus is on sacrifices (animals), whose blood temporarily covers the sin. Jesus ends the sacrifices once and for all, becoming the final sacrifice for the sins of men.
There are many prophecies that speak of the coming of the Messiah who will save His people. The Old Testament prophecies are fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ, “Son of Abraham” and “Son of David”.

Read the Bible Online

King James Version

King James Version

The King James Version (KJV) is the best translation in the Bible. This is the most accurate translation, and it is based on the Greek manuscripts. The KJV has been used by millions of people worldwide, so it’s probably familiar to you.

There are many other translations that have come out since then, but they have not replaced KJV as the standard version because they aren’t as good or accurate. Plus, no other translation can claim to be based on Greek manuscripts like KJV does – which makes them unique and valuable!

The New King James

The new king james version

The New King James Version (NKJV) is a modern translation of the Bible published by Thomas Nelson, Inc. It was completed in 1982 and first published in 1984. The NKJV was commissioned in 1975 by Thomas Nelson Publishers after extensive research that included surveys of lay people about their preferences for a new translation, among other things.

The NKJV is a revision of the King James Version and does not contain any new divine revelation or prophetic insight from God; rather, it is an attempt to make reading Scripture as easy as possible for English-speaking people today.

The New International Version

The New International Version

The New International Version (NIV) is an English translation of the Bible, first published in 1978 by Biblica (formerly the International Bible Society). The text is written in a style that is easy to understand.

English Standard Version

English Standard Version

The English Standard Version (ESV) is a revision of the 1971 edition of the Revised Standard Version. ESV is an “essentially literal” translation that seeks to be completely faithful to the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts.

It strives for literary excellence in its language and style in order to more accurately translate into modern English, while preserving many familiar words found in other versions such as “Lord”, “saints”, etc.

The ESV is a word-for-word translation, seeking as much as possible to capture the precise wording of the original text and the personal style of each Bible writer.


The online Bible is full of blessings for those that read it often.

There is a certain beauty in reading the Bible online — you don’t need to purchase any books to do it. The online Bible is more convenient and doesn’t take much place on your shelves. A computer or a mobile device can be used for reading the Bible, so you can use this resource anytime and anywhere.

It helps you avoid the question, “Where can I find an old-fashioned Bible?” And you will not have to worry about the condition of your Bible. Digital copy does not get wrinkles or become too heavy to hold for longer periods of time.

It’s easier to read as well — you don’t need special glasses to see it better, as it is easily adjustable to any font size you want.

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