Redeemer: Referencing Christ in the Bible

The Hebrew word יַהֲרֹן (yahrōn) means “redeemer, rescuer, accomplisher”. Jesus is the one who redeems people from their sins through His sacrifice and by allowing Him to take away the sins of the world. He was also the One who rescues us, giving us ...Read More

Why I Believe Jesus is the Son of God

It was a cold afternoon in Palestine when a Jewish Nazarene-a self-acclaimed Rabbi (as far as the people were concerned) hung dying on the cross. The Jewish authorities – the Sanhedrin and the jealous Sadducees and Pharisees plotted the death of this miracle-working power, ...Read More

Why Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World

Humankind’s problems started from the Garden of Eden during the fall of man (Genesis Chap 3). When Adam sinned, all men sinned because they were his descendants. He passed the gene of sin into every human, and we became sinners. Behold, I was shaped ...Read More