The Eternal Salvation Meaning Explained Simply

Eternal salvationEternal salvation is, undoubtedly, a cornerstone of the Christian faith.

It would be impossible to share the gospel with someone without mentioning it. In our culture, most people – even non-Christians – have a vague idea of what “being saved” means.

We like heaven; we enjoy being spared from hell. But though all these things may sound nice, they merely make up a shallow understanding of a much more in-depth picture. So, what, exactly, is eternal salvation?

What is Eternal Salvation?

Before we can understand the meaning of eternal life and salvation, we must first know what we are saved from. Being saved implies that we are in some danger – and that can be difficult for nonbelievers to wrap their minds around.

We may think we’re safe; we may reflect on our lives and be tempted to say, “that’s good enough.” But the truth is that we’re ignoring the biggest problem in all of humanity: sin.What is Eternal Salvation?

No one is perfect. Looking at our fallen world, who could dispute that fact? Ever since Adam and Eve took that first step of disobedience, every human has been born with a bent toward evil. Our default state is rebellion against our infinitely good Creator. He is so holy, and yet we are so unworthy.

Therefore, from the moment we are born, all of us are headed straight for hell. This is not God being cruel; this is God being just. So, how can we ever escape the punishment we rightfully deserve?

Thankfully, Romans 8:1 says:

Who has Eternal Salvation?Out of His great love for us, God sent His Son to die in our place, to bear the wrath that we had earned. Because of Christ, we can be eternally saved from our sins. Even better, we can spend our eternity with Him in heaven.

The only thing we must do is repent and put our faith in Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

Who has eternal salvation?

But though salvation is a gift, it is not automatically transferred to everyone. To receive salvation, we have to accept it. We have to admit that we are deserving of hell, believe that Jesus paid our debt, and strive to live for Him.

So often, people mistakenly believe that being a “good person” is enough to secure their place in heaven. By the standards of God, however, no one is “good.” We must learn to swallow our pride and confess our righteousness, or else we cannot be saved.

Other than the requirement of belief, there are absolutely no qualifications that must be met to be saved. It doesn’t matter what race you are, what gender you are, how much money you have, or how religious your family is. What truly matters is your heart.

In John 5:24, Jesus says:

“Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. He does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life.”

That is what it means to receive eternal salvation in Jesus Christ.

Initial Plan of Salvation

The meaning of salvationWe have all sinned. We have all missed the set mark for eternal life. Furthermore, we have been handed over to torment and condemned to hell.

We have all lost our place in eternal life, missing a lifetime of intimate relationships with God, for God’s eyes cannot behold iniquity (Habakkuk 1:13).

Yet, God loves us so much, and he sent His beloved son (John 3:16) to save humanity from our sins (Matthew 1:21, Romans 3:25). This is the meaning of salvation.

Christ forsook all of His glory for our restoration. With compassion in His heart, Christ brought us back to God, healing our wounds. With His death on the cross of Calvary, Christ mended our broken relationship with the Heavenly Father.

The Meaning of Salvation in Christ

Forsaking His glory, enduring rejection and harsh treatment, Christ showered sinners with the love and compassion of God. With everything within Him, He endured a gruesome death on the cross that we all might be saved from hell. This is the meaning of salvation.

Everybody is a sinner. There’s nobody who has not sinned.

The meaning of salvation

Though Christ was sent to redeem all from sin, He was not sent to those who are righteous but to those who recognize that they are sinners and to those who desire eternal life.

He was not sent to the goody two shoes but the heartbroken, the lonely, the sick, and to the condemned.

Benefits of Salvation

You might say you do not need Jesus because you are good; your goodness cannot earn you eternity. We are all sinners, and no amount of good deeds can earn us eternity except when we turn to Jesus.

Through Jesus, we can work out our salvation and hope for eternal life.

Eternal life is the ultimate benefit of salvation given only to those who believe in Christ, those who surrender their lives to Christ, and to those who choose to walk in His ways.

Call for Repentance

Salvation is not earned. It is the grace of God showered on humanity to be saved from eternal damnation. It cannot be claimed except through Christ, who showed us compassion.

Likewise, it is not given to the righteous but sinners with a repentant heart and a forgiven spirit that we might gain eternal life.

Genuine repentance will lead you to salvation in Christ. Would you consider giving your life to Christ today?

He will take away your pain, heal your wounds, deliver you from the unknown and help you to get in good stead with God. Make giving your life to Christ to be the best decision you could ever make today.

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